We grow everything in really small quantities so when they’re gone, they’re gone (until next year). Everything is grown organically and with no peat in our composts, we also use recycled and recyclable pots where possible.

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  • Composted bindweed

    Composting bindweed

    There are many sources that tell you that composting bindweed, not just bindweed but all perennial weeds such as couch grass and dandelion is a bad idea. It’s really not true, these will rot down just as well as anything else if you give them time. How I see it is that I’ve spent time […]

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  • Malva zabrina

    Starting up a back yard plant nursery

    This has been a long time coming as I’ve made decisions about space and time (in a tangible sense) but I’ve decided that with the limited resources that I have I’m going to start up a back yard plant nursery. We were having a discussion a few days ago about the name of it and what we’re going to refer to it as and Fee pointed out that if you can have a micro-brewery then why can’t you have a micro-nursery?

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  • Briza media

    Gardening in a changing climate

    The climate is different from the weather and as Mark Twain once said ‘Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get’, although the two are related it’s the overall general change that is important. I say that but as March this year showed us, a little inclement weather can have a dramatic and detrimental effect.

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  • Dead head rose

    Gardening is housework

    If I was to hoover a room in the house that would be housework, if was to rake the lawn that would be gardening. If I was to dust a shelf that would also be housework but deadheading my roses is gardening. It would be wonderful to love housework, to get great pleasure from mopping […]

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