A new plot

This spring, as I was putting up the last of the hazel wigwams for my climbing beans, I came to the realisation that there was no space left. Every inch of the beds was accounted for and all the space I had at home was bursting with the pumpkins, peas, and cucumbers that were destined for them. There was only one sensible course of action that I could think of (apart from growing less), and that was that I need to take over another plot, soon.  After asking around, I found that there was a perfectly situated plot, really close to my other one, even closer to home and really accessible. In my opinion, it’s the perfect situation due to the proximity of the water tap and the clear unbroken view of the sky it gets from dawn to dusk, the one catch is that most of it looks like this.

That’s couch grass, and where the grass isn’t is bindweed, this is a perfect cocktail of invasive plants that have had a run of the place for about a year, or so I’ve been told, I’d say several. As one never to be daunted by the prospect of turning a mess like this into a thing of beauty, I agreed to take it on maybe a little hastily as I’ve since found out. Firstly when I looked at the site there were 4 nice, overgrown but nice, raised beds. One week later when I began to tackle the abominable root network there were 3. It may be customary for abandoned plots to get raided but it doesn’t go down well on the site and it ruffled a few feathers. I put a sign up asking for its return, but it’s still missing, I think never to be seen again.
In reality, it’s going to be a while before we get to tackling that one anyway, there are the other three and we’re only half way through them at the moment.
I started to clear all of the rubbish that had accumulated over the years to see if I could find the soil underneath too, 3 carloads down and I’ve only got one load left before I have to think about how to remove all of the carpets from the site. This one task, for the time being, is proving to be more than I can think about, so for now, it’s staying tucked away on one of the overgrown corners.


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