Tree Spinach

Tree Spinach

Earlier in the year a friend of mine gave me a bunch of tree spinach seeds, something that I’ve since discovered they will never have to do again. Although this plant isn’t invasive, it will self-seed like virtually nothing else. Anyway, I germinated the seeds and popped them into the allotment when they were about 6 inches tall. Look at them now, spinach, on a tree!
We used some of the younger leaves in a salad with a bunch of sorrel that is growing there too but to be honest it’s a little tough unless you use the very smallest leaves.  It can, however, be used as a replacement for spinach hence the name and it retains the wonderful purple midrib at the base of the leaf. So if you have trouble growing spinach or you just want something a little different, try growing some of these. 
We’ve been making it into spinach a ricotta lasagne as a really easy quick supper. If you can be bothered, for really the best lasagne sheets you can get try something like this recipe. Never buy a tomato pasta sauce either, this is the easiest thing to make and you can vary it by ingredients by what you have available. As long as you have an onion, garlic, some fresh tomatoes or a tin of them and some olives you’re fine. Then add basil, oregano, rosemary, capers (these make it really nice) or chorizo as you choose. Whiz it all up in a blender to get the freshest and cheapest sauce for pasta, pizza or to put on the lasagne that you’ll make from all the tree spinach that you’ll be harvesting.

5 thoughts on “Tree Spinach

  1. Unknown

    This is interesting, I haven't heard of a spinach tree before. Where did you purchase the seeds? Do these taste the same as the typical spinach leaves? I assume these are annual trees?

  2. Tim Barton

    I missed this comment, I'm very sorry. Yes it's an annual that I grew from seed that a friend gave me, but as I said it's a fairly prolific seeder. I can't remember the taste as we never go round to harvesting any, partly because it looked so nice and because it's a bit of a pain to get enough off it. I've loads growing again this year so I'll endeavour to find out for you.

  3. Tim Barton

    Harvesting much I should have said, it looks like we did, but I still forget the taste.

  4. Colum

    Its good as a colourful addition to salads if you pinch out the tips.

    1. Tim

      Thanks, I’ll do that this year as it’s coming up all over the place.

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