Stipa tenuissima


Stipa tenuissima is an outstandingly beautiful grass that sends up narrow panicles of spikelets in the summer months. Also know as Mexican feather grass it will compliment many other herbaceous plants or stand firm in a long drift.

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This is one of our absolute favourites and one that we produce year after year, Stipa tenuissima or Mexican Feather Grass is a beauty. The long flowing flower heads of this grass make it one of the most delicate plants that fills any space with elegance. This one is a deciduous grass that dies back at the end of the season only to reappear the following year with even more vigour and stunning impact.

We put this grass all over the garden as it fits into so many situations, I especially like it alongside Heucheras as it compliments their flower spires perfectly. In theĀ Poaceae family it shares it’s characteristics with a number of other grasses but remains a firm favourite here.

Mine originated from the warm dry climate of the South of France where it was growing among the gravel in my parents drive. Ever since I’ve been madly in love with it and can’t imagine not showing it somewhere in my borders.

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