Scilla peruviana


Scilla peruviana is a really stunning looking early summer plant that cannot fail to please. It’s flower heads are one of the highlights of the garden when it’s on display especially if it’s kept in a decorative pot near where you can appreciate it. It’s a hardy little thing too and will go on for years making new bulbs for you to replant as it goes.

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Scilla peruviana is a plant that we’ve been propagating for a while and now we have a selection of bulbs ready for sale. This is a great little early summer flowering plant that really catches your eye due to the rosette of luch green lance shaped leaves topped with the an exquisite cluster of purple flowers. This looks outstanding in a pot display and sitting on a patio when you’re enjoying your early summer evenings will bring you immense pleasure.

I cam across it quite by chance and have been keeping bulbs in a nursery bed for some time now, of course with a few on public display as well after all you don’t want to hide a beauty like away. It’s hardy of you keep the bulbs reasonably dry during the summer months, then let it come back into leaf with the flowers showing all their glory from May onwards.

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