Pennisetum macrourum


Pennisetum macrourum is another of our favourite grasses due to it’s delicate bristles that form on the loosely clumped panicles. It grows to something in the region of a metre tall and is an absolute joy to have in almost any situation. Like many grasses it’s a fairly fast grower so you don’t have to wait long before it’s shining like the star that it is.

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Pennisetum macrourum is another one of our favourite grasses that we’ve been growing for years. It’s a tall one, growing over a meter tall in some conditions meaning that it can sit among your herbaceous perennials without getting smothered. It also makes a fairly loose clump sending up thin panicles topped with tell tale bristles. It’s deciduous too although like with most grasses it will leave the dried yellowed leaves in place to give you some structure over the winter months.

We grow these from seed each year as they’e quick to get going, usually reaching full height within a couple of years and then going on for many years after. If you give them a little love every few seasons then they’ll love you back and keep a smile on your face for as long as you want.

Additional information

Pot size

1 litre


Full sun


H3: -5 to 1





Soil type

Chalk, Loam, Sand


Acid, Alkaline, Neutral