Morina longifolia


Morina longifolia is an evergreen long leaved plant that bears wonderful whorls of white flowers, tuning to pink as they age. A statuesque plant that given the right conditions will be very happy to be your friend. The leaves can grow up to 30cm in length that means this is going to be an architectural centrepiece in any bed.

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We love the latin names that all the plants have been given, ones like Morina longifolia especially. As then name suggests, it’s got long foliage, that’s not all. It’s common name is the Long Leaved Whorlflower that comes from it’s whorls of slender flowers that are borne on spikes during summer that start off white and age do a deeper pink. growing to a metre tall this flower stands tall enough to be seen almost wherever you put it but for a traditional herbaceous bed it’s one for the mid level.

This is another new one for us and so it only in small pots at the moment but we’re expecting great things from them next year. It’s not one that like too much fuss so as long as you’ve got somewhere that’s sharply drained and that isn’t going to get disturbed then this Morina is going to be happy in your company.


Additional information

Pot size



Full sun


H6: -15 to -20





Soil type

Chalk, Loam, Sand


Acid, Alkaline, Neutral




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