Lychnis chalcedonica


Lychnis chalcedonica is a great mid border herbaceous perennial that positively glows in the summer months with heads of bright red flower clusters. Standing tall in the flower beds this is one that will always catch your eye and bring a smile to your face, it does for us.

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We acquired a small Lychnis chalcedonica¬†several years ago from an end of year plant clear out somewhere and could not be more happy. It took a year to get going but throws up a cluster of bright scarlet flower heads that with the benefit of a Chelsea chop in May has run and run this summer. Being¬†another that has a good height to it coming in at around a metre tall making it makes a perfect specimen for your mid-level planting. It’s also tough as old boots when it comes to the cold so you don’t have to worry about putting it in a cold spot.

The flowers heads are comprised of terminal clusters of brilliantly coloured star or rather cross shaped petals in domes about 10-12cm across. These dance about on the tall stems that branch and multiply from the base of the plant. They’re compact in their spread so I think are better planted several together, or maybe you’d like them all?

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Pot size



Full sun, Part shade


H7: <-20





Soil type

Chalk, Loam, Sand


Acid, Alkaline, Neutral




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