Lavender mint


Lavender mint is a cultivar of the Mentha piperita species that has the unmistakable scent of Lavender, although with that name you’d hope so. It’s a great one for cooking with or making your own cosmetics or just looking at with it’s delicate purple flowers.

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Lavender mint is a new one to us and really quite an unusual smell. Like all mint this one is from the Lamiaceae family and with an RHS accepted name of Mentha lavender mint it really does have the scent of Lavender albeit with an obligatory tinge of mint. It seems to go under the guise of Mentha piperitas too which is a genus of red stemmed mints often used fresh but more commonly used dried. It’ll grow to about 80cm and is perfect for using in infusions, oils, bathing products etc. There seem to be quite a few posh cosmetics with this a base so why not try making your own, at a fraction of the cost?

Keep it in a pot preferably of shallow rather then deep soil then divide and repot as you need, mint plants are quite invasive if you let them into the open world to keep the constrained and you’ll have no issue. Chop away all summer for the perfect addition to drinks and meals, boiled new potatoes taste infinitely better with a few sprigs of mi them, in mint cooked with, in my opinion.

Additional information

Pot size

1 litre


Full sun, Part shade


H7: <-20





Soil type

Chalk, Clay, Loam, Sand


Acid, Alkaline, Neutral


Butterfly friendly, Culinary, Pollinator


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