Inula magnifica


Inula magnifica is a fantastic beast that shouts to the world from where it’s planted. It’s a really stunning example of a herbaceous perennial partly due to it’s stature, coming in at over 2 meters tall, and partly due to the grand large, bright yellow flowers that it produces throughout the summer months.

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We started stocking Inula magnifica after a trip to the bontanical gardens in Vienna where they had some exquisite example of this plant growing, it was love at first sight. Another stunning plant that shouts out from among the other plants it’s a showy number that doesn’t hold back when it comes to making itself known as the common name ‘Giant Inula’ eludes. Our garden is going to be getting a many more of these next year as during July and beyond there is a sense of grandeur that this plant adds to the borders when everything else is looking a little lack lustre.

It’s a member of the Asteraceae family which is no surprise when you look at the┬áCandelabrums (what a great word) of large aster type flowers, like a bright yellow daisy that forgot to stop growing.

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Acid, Alkaline, Neutral


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