Hebe rakensis


Hebe rakensis is a compact but beautiful specimen in the genus. It has a proliferation of small white flowers in the summer months and then goes on to keep pleasing you with it’s fresh glossy leaves and rotund shape. It’s another that is you just want to do 10 minutes gardening a year will still pull out all the stops.

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Hebe rakensis is a really popular Hebe due to it’s compact size and fresh looking glossy leaves that becomes a mass of white flowers in the summer months. It’s shape and dense nature lend itself to a multitude of situations that you might use it for, but as with any planting scheme, it’s only your imagination that will decide.

They’re a tough little plant as well that’s tolerant of most situations, including salty ones, so if you’re on the coast (we’re not) then it will work for you. Like our other Hebes, we keep it small and bordering a low wall that it obscures right next to out seating area. It’s a great little beauty that brings us great pleasure for the little attention that it needs. If I didn’t have so many I’d give them names.

Additional information

Pot size

1 litre


Full sun, Part shade


H4: -5 to -10





Soil type

Chalk, Clay, Loam, Sand


Alkaline, Neutral


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