Ajuga reptans ‘Catlin’s Giant’


Ajuga reptans are a species of beautiful ground cover plants, sporting deep coloured leaves topped with the most iridescent blue flower spires. If you’ve got a little space that’s ion the shade then this is most certainly the plant for you.

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At the start of the year, just after the early spring flowers start to lose their shine something magical happens, the Ajuga reptans flower. They mostly all have blue flowers although there are some white ones that I’ll be sourcing next year, and it’s a blue like no other. This one as the name suggests is a lager cultivar than some of the others and subsequently sends up slightly taller flower spires giving an iridescent glow to the garden as the sun sets and you get the ultraviolet dusk light. These plants are also quite happy in the shade and are evergreen (even though they’re not entirely green) so are what is known as a ‘doer’, stick them in the ground and watch them go.

It’s also a great ground cover plant that spreads quite freely but is in no way invasive, if you don’t want it to go somewhere that’s wandering off to then just pull it up. It also means that if you want a few more somewhere else then you simply replant the runners and off it goes again, like a strawberry but without the delicious fruit.

Additional information

Pot size

2 litre, 9cm


Part shade


H7: <-20





Soil type

Chalk, Clay, Loam, Sand


Acid, Alkaline, Neutral


Butterfly friendly, Pollinator