The Echiums that were

Be prepared I was always told, the boy scouts motto. I’ve tried in many cases and been a good parent to my plants but with limited space sometimes you take a chance. I have a couple of Echium ‘Snow Tower’ that I picked up from the excellent Frenchay Hardy Plants last year and that had grown into fantastic, if slightly lop sided specimens. Living in the South West of England we usually get clement mild winters, this can be a blessing as things that suffer up north will happily slip through the season without issue. And so I thought with these Echiums.

Dying Echium 'Snow Tower'

It looks like they’ve had it unfortunately as the two winter flurries that had in March this year have taken their toll. To be honest it was the first week of -5 that did it and I know you’ll tell me that I should have given them a blanket of some sort, but I didn’t. The second snow shower was just the death knell that had sealed their fate as this years compost. It looks like they still have some life in them but I can’t imagine that they’re going be looking all that good this year.

Dying Echium 'Snow Tower'

To be honest I don’t really mind as they are quite a cumbersome plant and they’re listing casually over a nice box hedge. The thought of dealing with them in a summer wind when they would have been 10 foot tall wasn’t one I was relishing. That’s one less worry and now I can resume setting up that bed for a different display this year.

Apart from this the only other casualties were some seedlings that were taken by surprise. It was nothing to do with me, they asked to be outside so I was merely honouring their wishes. What catastrophes have you had, either due to The Beast from the East or just taking you eye off the ball for a moment, let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “The Echiums that were

  1. Luke Keen

    ah fantastic! I was gifted a couple of these and couldn’t remember their names for the life of me : D
    I thought mine were goners too but they seem to have survived, so hopefully they’ll take off when I plant them up in the flowerbed in Victoria Park 😀

    1. Tim

      They’re only biennial (not mine though) so once seeded that’s it but they produce soooooooo much seed you shouldn’t need to worry.

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