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A new way of life

The good life

This month for the first time in a long while I’ve decided to take a break from the 9-5 and concentrate on something a bit more cathartic. For a long time I’ve been planning a change in my life, ultimately I don’t think that I’ll ever step away from doing what my career had led me to but really to give a bit more time to myself and see how far down the road to living ‘The Good Life’ and hopefully true happiness we can get. There are several plans that will work where we live, one is the allotment for most of our vegetative food and see where we can go from there, maybe there’s even a living to be scraped along the line?

On this point I’ll be writing a series of posts that follow how we’re getting along, what works, what doesn’t and whether Dave the blind cat will get along with chickens? There is a plan, well less of a plan and more of a general direction that we’re heading with all of the things that we’re wanting to achieve along the way. For a long time we’ve had a list of the things in life that we’d want in the future, few if any of these are consumer goods, they are more like having a garden that’s long enough to fire an arrow down, a greenhouse and I think at one point even just having a proper bed was there.


The plan

We would draw a picture with us in the middle then start to put things on there like a house with a garden path, hills in the background, the cats (there were two back then), the kids and so on. This would expand to fanciful stuff like a pool table in the basement and a wind turbine in a field out the back, but from this would come a vision. None of it will happen fast if ever but we found that with this vision in mind things would start to slowly become a reality, we have a house, we have a garden, we even have a really nice bed now.

Due to this recent change in direction we started this process again, this time with ‘The Good Life’ in the middle, then all of the things that will facilitate that leading from it. This is stuff like ‘brewing our own beer’, ‘chickens for eggs’, ‘fix all broken things’ then other stuff like how to make a little money from selling plants, or even this blog if you like it. Then there are all the things that have been delayed due to procrastination but would make a big difference once done, even just putting a lampshade on the light up the stairs that has gone fairly unnoticed for 4 years!

Some of the items on this list a big ones like rebuilding the garage, refitting the bathroom in the attic and putting up a wall in the utility room, but once on the list they slowly get ticked off. It may take years, in fact it will take years but before you know it you’ll be looking back at the list and most of it will be complete.

Don’t rush but don’t lose focus.


Not everything is how to make life cheaper though, more about focussing on the stuff that we really want, like holidays. What do we want to get from that, why do we even need to take a holiday if we have everything that we want right here? We’ve never been ones for the package deal, usually being happy settling with a camping trip or a small cottage with friends to Wales or Cornwall and the cost of these trips has never been prohibitive, rarely more than a few hundred pounds over normal living costs.

But now and again it’s nice to go and see something different, you don’t really get this from two weeks all inclusive in Spain I’m sure. For the foreseeable future then we’ve focussed on all the places that we know people who’d be happy to put us up or have us hanging around for a week and decided that those will be the next destinations.

Early rhubarb

This has become a rather long and life affirming post but for me right now I need to keep up the vision as I don’t want to be infirm when enjoying my freedom, I want to do it now while I still have some spring in my step, albeit a creaking spring.

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