January gardening jobs

January is always a slow month, deep in the winter blues the outside world is in it’s seasonal torpor. That’s not to say that there’s nothing to do however as gardening is a year long occupation, even if nothing is growing there is plenty to do to prepare for spring. Stay prepared and take a look at what next month has to offer too in the February jobs.


  • If you’ve ordered seeds in the past then you’ll be getting all the new seed catalogues now, if not already. Take some time now to plant what you be growing this year.
  • Other plants that you might look at ordering would be clematis for planting out in spring or maybe some trailing plants like fuchsia or lobelia for hanging baskets.

In the garden

  • Prune apple or pear trees, leave trees like cherry, plum and apricot until it warms up as they can get silver leaf infection from the open cut.
  • Inspect tubers from dahlias and cannas that are stored, for rot or drying out.
  • If the weather isn’t too cold you can start to divide larger clumps of herbaceous perennials for more plants this year.
  • Repair lawn edges that are looking a little tired and aerate if there are signs of water logging.
  • Cut back any perennials that were left for winter interest.
  • If the soil is not frozen then it’s a good time to plant bare root shrubs and trees, also to move established deciduous ones as they are dormant now.
  • Keep checking any greenhouse heaters to make sure tender plants keep at a good temperature.
  • Clean protective environments like greenhouses and cold frames ready for spring.

In the vegetable plot

  • Start forcing rhubarb.
  • Keep harvesting leeks and kale, it’s surprising how much you can have over winter with a bit pf planning the year before.