Monthly gardening jobs

When it comes to keeping a garden looking good or keeping a good steady flow of vegetables on the table, there is never a time when you’ll have chance to be idle. As well as the physical exercise  from gardening there are enormous mental health benefits to be reaped, from a clear, crisp day in January to the lazy hot days of summer it’s no surprise that being outside is a cathartic experience.


Here’s a list, month by month, of the things that will keep you busy, do as little or as much as you like after all it’s to be a pleasure not a chore. It’s best to have a look a these regularly though as it’s easy to forget some of the simple things that will get on top of you in no time and a little time spent regularly will make it so much easier.

If there are bigger jobs that you feel are too much for you then there is no shame in getting people in to help, everywhere will have plenty of people to call upon if you look in a local paper or search the internet.

Happy gardening!