Self motivation in the face of adversity

If I ever thought that stopping the day job would lend itself to a relaxing time then I was sorely mistaken. I think that I’ve been busier in the last month that I’ve been for a long time but I’m finding self motivation to be the hardest thing.

Keeping going

I have projects coming out of my ears and am achieving most of them, the difficulty is keeping up the pace with any single one. It’s very easy to have so many things that need doing that you find yourself doing none of them or at least none of them very well. The only way that I can make myself productive is to list the jobs and other things that I want to achieve and set a timetable. It’s not a strict timetable with slots set to the minute but more just a reminder that I need to be doing specific things during the day. This could be to spend an hour practicing the banjo or to deal with the growing array of germinating seed trays or to clean the house (this one is easily ‘forgotten’). Currently I’m managing a fairly steady steam of successes with many minor home renovations that have been put off, in some cases for years, getting ticked off the list. Things that previously I would have had to work for to pay someone else to do.

Cleared allotment

My initial plan was to get the allotment up to speed and clear it ready to erect a poly tunnel. This was all going well and with the space cleared and levelled I’d started to set the ground anchors, then the weather changed quite dramatically. For the last week we’ve been languishing in temperatures well below zero and then snow, we never get snow in Bristol.

The ‘Beast from the East’

For the last week then this has been put on hold, a frustrating time as it’s the one job that is really critical to get done before the seasons really start to warm up. We’re now in the flux where there is no snow to really appreciate but the ground is still too cold an bathed in thick slush. I’ve loved the snow and have taken some beautiful walks in it over the last week but as it’s warming up again I’d be quite happy if it all just went away, I’m done with it now.

Allotment in the snow

At least the air temperature has risen to the point that I’m not concerned for the hardy and half hardy annuals any more. This means that I can free up some space for the propagation that has been on hold, the self motivation is easier when the jobs to do are the one I want to do. I just need the poly tunnel so that I can introduce them to the big wide world in a gentle fashion.


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