The last few months for me have been extremely busy with work, travelling around the country visiting universities and other duties at the allotment. Just when I thought I might get a respite, we’ve moved into the start of the hardcore harvesting season where if you turn your back for too long you’ll be eating marrow, instead of courgette.Read more

Latest and greatest

Each year I get inundated with emails and catalogs selling me the latest and greatest in horticultural wares, some new technologies, some pointless slug control ideas, some classic garden favorites and then the new plants. I’m not talking about a variety of sunflower that will grow taller than your house but of the Alstroemerias that are a different shade of orange or a series of poppies that have a growers rights restriction upon them.… Read more

A new plot

This spring, as I was putting up the last of the hazel wigwams for my climbing beans, I came to the realisation that there was no space left. Every inch of the beds was accounted for and all the space I had at home was bursting with the pumpkins, peas, and cucumbers that were destined for them.… Read more


It always alarms me how fast the year appears to be careering past as I write this article several weeks before the end of the month, so in the middle of April I’m already talking about May. Unfortunately the same seems to be happening in reality and I feel like I’m constantly playing catch up with the impending seasons.Read more