Compost envy

What does 15 tonnes of compost look like? It’s not the sort of questions that you get much joy out of an internet search for, unfortunately one that I found myself in need of an answer for recently. I did find the answer in the end but only in my time honoured style of doing something regardless and seeing what happens, so I ordered some and waited to see what happened.… Read more

Seed germination temperatures

The germination of seeds is easy, you put them in a good growing medium and off they go. Given the right conditions and germination temperatures any viable seed will grow but what are the right conditions? Sometimes you’ll need to stratify the seeds or you’ll need to scarify or damage the seed coat to give them a helping hand.… Read more

Dividing Canna lilies

A few days ago I was just checking my Canna Lilies in the greenhouse when I came across this pot, it’s supposed to be round. Canna Lilies and their rhizomes can grow quite quickly and out grow their pots sometimes with spectacular results, I caught this one in time.… Read more

Home made seed compost

Seed compost is different from regular all purpose compost and having a blend that is right for seeds is ideal for getting them off to a good start. A seed has everything that it needs to get going already available to it so the one of the things that it doesn’t need is more nutrition.… Read more

Propagating early

It’s February here at the moment and for the UK that generally means it’s cold, there is no exception to that this year and it is bitter outside. This means that something needs to be established for propagating purposes that will allow all of my plants to grow indoors in light conditions that are less than favourable.… Read more