November 2017

Now that the harvest is well and truly over, the nights are closing in for another Winter. I find the long winter months quite trying and there is no happier time for me than at the end of March when the clocks return to British Summer Time, and we see life return to the land.Read more


Four times a year I write a little bit about the changing seasons and how much I appreciate the difference that it makes to our surroundings, and now again as we start to transition into another autumn from what has been a wholly dismal summer so far.… Read more


The last few months for me have been extremely busy with work, travelling around the country visiting universities and other duties at the allotment. Just when I thought I might get a respite, we’ve moved into the start of the hardcore harvesting season where if you turn your back for too long you’ll be eating marrow, instead of courgette.
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Traditionally the coldest month, February is the beginning of the excitement I always get when I start to see signs of the end of winter, and the first tempting indication of spring emerging from the ground. Since mid January there have been signs of the Autumn sown bulbs, and even the buds of a Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ that I’d almost forgotten about.… Read more