Why we use peat free compost, and so should you.

We only use peat free compost. We also only use organic fertilisers but this is another issue and one that I’m not certain is going to be an ultimately sustainable thing. I’ve been advocating organic compost for many years and am constantly surprised by the number of people who respond with the question “What’s peat?”,… Read more

When is a weed not a weed?

Essentially a weed is classified as a plant that’s in the wrong place, every plant has a home it’s simply that some are there because you choose them to be and others just muscle in on the party. Beyond the normal plants that fall into this category, Dandelion, Thistle, Clover, Herb Robert I have tomato, potato and french beans to add to the list this year, certainly not plants you’d usually classify as a weed.… Read more

Compost envy

What does 15 tonnes of compost look like? It’s not the sort of questions that you get much joy out of an internet search for, unfortunately one that I found myself in need of an answer for recently. I did find the answer in the end but only in my time honoured style of doing something regardless and seeing what happens, so I ordered some and waited to see what happened.… Read more

Blue is the new black

In our house blue is definitely the new black as we just took delivery of a thousand 13cm blue recyclable plant pots. For an explanation as to the events leading up to this I’ll wind back a year to the point that I decided that I would be growing plants to sell rather than just a few propagated cuttings to bolster the collection that I have already.… Read more